The CPCE has set up the following sub-committees to promote civic education through different channels -

Sub-committee Terms of Reference
Civic Values and Management Sub-committee
  • To establish and promote core civic values and promotional highlights.
  • To promote core civic values to members of the public, local enterprises and related organisations and assist in vetting the partnership projects concerned.
  • To advise on the management of operation, facilities, activities and exhibitions of the Civic Education Resources Centre.
Publicity Sub-committee
  • To recommend civic education publicity programmes to the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education.
  • To assist in co-ordinating and implementing civic education publicity activities, including production of civic education publications or printed materials.
  • To assist in monitoring the progress and evaluate the effectiveness of various publicity activities.
Community Participation Sub-committee
  • To assist in planning and implementing the Community Participation Scheme and the Co-operation Scheme with District Councils.
  • To assist in vetting in-year funding applications for civic education projects.
  • To liaise with and encourage NGOs to work in collaboration to promote civic education.
National Education Sub-committee
  • To promote national education outside schools.
  • To encourage all sectors of the community to actively promote national awareness, and enhance public understanding of our country in various aspects (e.g. arts, culture and history).
  • To recommend the promotional activities for the Basic Law and monitor the arrangement and progress.