Respect and Inclusiveness" Campaign

  • The Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education produces two TV APIs "Views" and "Voices" on Respect and Inclusiveness. The TV API "Views" has been broadcast in TVs and radios starting from 23.3.2013. Another TV API "Voices", which promote the message "Respect different values, Embrace different voices", will be broadcast starting from 15.4.2013. Please visit the following website for viewing:

    Campaign website (
    TV API "Views" (
    TV API "Voices" (
    Respect and Inclusiveness (Views)
  • "Respect and Inclusiveness" Videos
    The Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education has specially produced 4 videos in a vivid style depicting different scenarios of our daily life to encourage youngsters to accept different opinions and understand others’needs. The videos were already shown in the Gallery of the Civic Education Resource Centre in March 2013. You may also watch the videos on-line :
  • 「尊重與包容」推廣運動海報
    The Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education organises the "Respect and Inclusiveness" Campaign to encourage people to think from others' points of view and listen to different opinions, thus fostering social harmony. Please visit the website:

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    The "Respect and Inclusiveness" Campaign Kick-off Ceremony has been held on 23.3.2013 (Saturday). DJ Cemen and Bob as well as artist Hanjin Chan and Fiona Sit were present.(Chinese Version Only)