Membership List

Members of the CPCE are appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs, including unofficial members from a wide cross-section of the community and representatives from government departments.

Membership list of the CPCE in 2018-19
Chairman Ms Melissa Kaye PANG, MH, JP

Prof Lena LEE Ying
Mr WONG Wai-kit
Mr Clement WOO Kin-man
Dr CHAN Cheuk-hay
Mr George LAU Ka-keung, MH, JP
Mr Timmy LEE Tan-chun, MH
Mr LAM Cheung-chi, MH
Dr Raymond LEE Man-chun, SBS, JP
Mr LIU Ah-chuen, MH
Mr Eric YEUNG Chuen-sing
Dr Andrew CHIU Ka-yin
Mr Andrew FAN Chun-wah, JP
Miss Sammi FU Hiu-lam
Mr Roger KWAN Ho-yeung
Miss Bella Lo Sung-yi
Ms Helen LU Hai, MH, JP
Mr TANG Kwong-shing, MH
Ms Amy FUNG Dun-mi, MH
Miss Maisy HO Chiu-ha, BBS
Mr Rex IP Yik-nam
Rev Peter Douglas KOON Ho-ming, BBS
Ms Shirley Marie Therese LOO, MH, JP
Mr Laurence TANG Yat-long
Mr Stanley CHOI Tak-shing
Miss HUNG Wing-ki
Mr LAI Chin-hong
Mrs Christine LAU MA
Ms Fonnie LEUNG Fung-yee
Dr WONG Kwok-yan

Government Representatives Representative of Home Affairs Bureau
Representative of Education Bureau
Representative of Information Services Department
Representative of Department of Justice
Representative of Social Welfare Department
Representative of Hong Kong Police Force
Representative of Radio Television Hong Kong
Representative of Independent Commission Against Corruption
Last Update︰1 April 2018