Details of the Scheme

  • Community Participation Scheme 2017-18

    The Community Participation Scheme 2017-18 was closed on 19 December 2016. Applicants will be informed of the result in writing by early March 2017.

    The Committee welcomes organisations to organise civic education activities promoting the messages of “Cherish yourself and your family, Love Hong Kong and your country” or “Respect and Inclusiveness”, “Responsibility” and “Love”. Besides, the Committee will support organisations to organise activities on the theme of “Foster a People-to-people Bond, Create a Better Future and Cheer for Hong Kong”, including those civic education activities organised for raising public awareness of the Belt and Road Initiative or celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. These activities aim to enable the general public to reflect on the past and look ahead at the time when the Special Administrative Region has been established for 20 years, and to encourage young people to broaden their horizons and have more interactions with people from different places. The Committee will also continue to fund those activities that promote the Basic Law.

    (In addition to funding support from the Committee, the Scheme is also funded by donations from the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries.)